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The variables that most influence the pricing of an animated project


The complexity is mainly linked to the style required by the project, and in each style you can have a basic, medium or advanced level.

At all levels our commitment is to ensure high quality animation.

The duration is a determining factor since the longer the duration, it is logical that more work is required in many phases of the animation.

Delivery time
The required delivery time entails investing more or less artists and resources to achieve the desired result in the desired time.

Other factors that we analyze individually for each project

In addition to the main factors, there are a large number of details that must be analyzed in order to plan an efficient budget for each project, such as the complexity of the theme and the amount of information to analyze in the case of an explanatory video, the number of characters, if a professional announcer's voice or actors is required, using original or stock music, etc. .

We see all these details personally and individually. 

The combinations of variables and factors that can be made in terms of animation requirements are very vast and change in each project.

Advanced 2D Animation

Advanced motion graphics such as particles or fluids, complex character rigging, animation, body mechanics and lip sync acting.

Basic 2D Animation

Motion Graphics, design and basic character animation. We handle different styles of 2D graphics according to your brand or identity.

Basic 3D Animation

Animation and design of basic 3D elements, can include motion graphics and simple characters and stylized rendering.

Advanced 3D Animation

It can include complex character design and animation, as well as realistically rendered sets and advanced special effects.

Animation includes many variables and therefore we approach each job individually. Our way of making a quote is to analyze the requirements of each project in a personalized way taking into account all the factors involved, of which the main ones are complexity, length and delivery time.

Our pricing criteria

Contact us as soon as possible, we would love to be part of your next animation project!

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