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Animation is very versatile, so the process is too. There are many factors involved that make it not possible to have a single inflexible process. It is not the same to make a series of explanatory videos for social networks as part of a small business campaign, than a commercial for an international brand for TV or a short film that will take months or years of production. That said, to achieve good results it is absolutely advisable to follow a process, and there are already industry-proven workflows and pipelines.

At kreatoores we are constantly updating ourselves and researching the best processes in the creative industry to apply them depending on the needs of our projects, taking into account some of the most important factors when making animation such as style, budget and delivery time. .

Animation process according to the project


We take care of all the planning so that the project flows in the most efficient way, this can include briefing meetings, script creation, creative proposal, scheduling, visual development, concept art, storyboard and animatic.


In this phase we focus on each discipline that animation entails. Character design, development and animation; texturing, rigging, motion graphics, layout, environment and asset creation, lighting, vfx and render of individual scenes.


In this part we mainly focus on the assembly of all the necessary scenes, color correction, fine editing, sound effects, special effects, export of the final format and final render

Contact us as soon as possible, we would love to be part of your next animation project!

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